Xiaomi WiFi 6 Router AX3000 unboxing picture appreciation

Exterior design, Xiaomi Router AX3000 adopts a vertical solution with cool black magic square design, the overall has good heat conduction and heat dissipation, large channel convection, with a large heat sink, effectively reduce the chip temperature, so that the system always maintain a stable running state.

As a new generation of Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 router, Xiaomi Router AX3000 uses the new generation of WiFi 6 technology, dual-band concurrent wireless rate up to 2976Mbps, compared to the mainstream AC1200 improved by 155%, faster Internet access.

And the Xiaomi Router AX3000 is equipped with OFDMA technology, which divides the wireless channel into multiple sub-channels (sub-carriers) to form a single RF resource unit, and user data is carried on each resource unit instead of occupying the entire channel, thus enabling multiple users to transmit in parallel at the same time in each time slot without having to wait in line and compete with each other, improving efficiency and reducing queueing and waiting delays.

It is worth mentioning that this router 5G band support 2x2 160MHz, compared to the traditional 80MHz bandwidth becomes twice as wide, the theoretical rate is also twice as fast, multiple devices connected also have a smooth network speed.

Performance, Xiaomi AX3000 equipped with a new generation of Qualcomm chips, equipped with 4 hidden antennas, 4-way independent signal amplifier, 2.4GHz, 5GHz band are equipped with independent signal amplifier (PA + LNA), signal strength increased by 4dB, theoretical coverage strength increased by 50%.

It also supports Xiaomi Mesh technology, which allows multiple routers to form a mesh network, whether it's a large home, or up and down multiple floors, it can cover the whole house with superb network signal, and devices can be seamlessly connected in multiple routers, playing as you go without fear of lag.

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