VIVO X90 Unboxing

The vivo X90 is the world's first MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chip with TSMC's second-generation 4nm process, a new generation of 8-core flagship CPU, integrated Tiangui's strongest flagship 11-core GPU Immortalis-G715, and the sixth-generation flagship APU high-performance and energy-efficient AI architecture.

In addition, the Vivo X90 is equipped with Vivo's own research chip V2, which writes up to 19 kinds of ace imaging algorithms into the chip's core. The newly upgraded AI-NR noise reduction, HDR shadow fusion, MEMC frame interpolation and other algorithms enhance the image and display effect comprehensively.

Screen, vivo X90 with 6.78-inch screen, the world's first BOE Q9 light-emitting devices, compared to the previous generation Q8 reduced power consumption by 15%, manual brightness increased by 20%, DCI-P3 color gamut from 110% to 115%, the service life increased by 10%, harmful blue light control at 6.0% or less, the overall has reached the world's top level.

Image, Vivo X90 front 32 megapixels, rear 50 million main camera IMX866, 12 million ultra-wide angle and 12 million professional portrait lens, battery is 4810mAh, support 120W wired flash charging.

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