vivo X Note flagship unboxing

On April 11, Vivo held a new conference and brought out the new Vivo X Note, which is called the "masterpiece".

The back of the Vivo X Note is designed with a square and rounded sky step, with a horizontal extension to create a balanced visual tone, and the combination of square and round highlights the majestic momentum of the collection.

The clear mountain blue version in our hands has three vertical embossed textures on both sides of the body, imitating the stitching design on a high-fashion leather bag, which not only makes the whole machine more three-dimensional visually, but also adds some elegance to the plain leather design.

It is worth mentioning that the Vivo X Note is the first in the Vivo system to carry a silent key, bringing a better sense of control for business people. The buttons are ergonomically designed with dual Hall sensors + magnets for longitudinal toggling, which makes toggling comfortable and smooth, while improving signal immunity.

In terms of imaging, vivo X Note is equipped with a full-focus flagship quad camera, including a 50MP OIS mega-bottom main camera, a 48MP super wide-angle main camera, a 12MP professional portrait lens, and a 60x OIS periscope super telephoto camera.

The vivo X Note is equipped with a 7-inch mega Samsung screen, a full 10% larger display area compared to conventional screens, and a 21:10 golden aspect ratio, which not only allows for a larger visual range, but also enhances display and interaction efficiency more efficiently without increasing the length.

Its resolution reaches 3080x1440, which is one of the highest resolution specification cell phone screens in the industry, and E5 light-emitting material, which reduces power consumption by 25% compared to E4. With a high refresh rate of 120Hz and 240Hz screen sampling rate. With LTPO Adaptive Refresh 3.0, the screen refresh rate can be freely switched between 1-120Hz according to different usage scenarios such as video playback and desktop resting state.

Vivo X Note is equipped with new - generation screen fingerprint technology a wide area ultrasonic, through the sensor to the surface of the finger emits ultrasonic waves, and receive echo fingerprint recognition. Wide-area ultrasonic fingerprint recognition area is larger, the recognition area is up to 578mm2, once recorded, blind operation unlock; in wet fingers and strong light environment recognition rate is greatly improved.

In terms of performance, vivo X Note is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor and a self-developed professional imaging chip V1, which enables professional-grade visual enhancement in various aspects such as imaging, display and gaming, while reducing GPU load and significantly reducing power consumption.

The vivo X Note comes with Memory Fusion 2.0 which is another upgrade on the effect of 1.0 and can expand 12G of memory into the equivalent of 16G for use.

It has a built-in 5000mAh high-capacity battery that supports 80W dual-cell flash charging and 50W wireless flash charging + 10W wireless reverse charging.

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