Redmi K50 Pro Silver Unboxing

March 17 - Redmi held a new product launch today, bringing three new models: the Redmi K50 Pro, Redmi K50, and Redmi K40s.

The main selling points of the machine include the Tiangui 9000 flagship processor, Samsung 2K straight screen, 5000mAh + 120W divine second charge, VC liquid cooling stereo cooling system, and 100 million pixel OIS optical anti-shake camera.

The Redmi K50 Pro is available in Ink Feather (black), Silver Trace (silver), Mirage Mirror (blue), and Spectre (green) colors.

K50 Pro is equipped with a new generation of Tiangui 9000 mobile processing platform, the most advanced TSMC TSMC 4nm process, AnTuTu score of more than 1.04 million.

In addition to the SoC, the K50 Pro uses a full-blooded version of LPDDR5 memory and upgraded UFS 3.1 high-speed flash memory, the flagship performance of the three major components fully equipped.

The K50 Pro is built with a luxurious stacked cooling system that uses a new generation of ultra-thin stainless steel VC with a total area of up to 3950mm2. The special T-shaped structure also further increases the motherboard coverage area, with VC covering over 72% of the motherboard area, allowing all major heat sources on the motherboard to efficiently conduct heat through the liquid cooling VC, accelerating heat dissipation in the motherboard area.

In addition, the built-in 7 layers of graphite, as well as copper foil, gel and other thermal conductivity materials, together with liquid cooling VC to form a three-dimensional cooling system, allowing the K50 series phones to maintain a cool experience while releasing powerful performance.

In terms of display, the K50 Pro is equipped with the exact same 6.67-inch Samsung flexible 2K AMOLED screen, which is the first time a Redmi series phone is equipped with a 2K screen with a resolution of up to 3200x1440, peak brightness of 1200nit, and support for 120Hz refresh rate.

In terms of battery life, the K50 Pro is also equipped with a large 5000mAh battery in parallel with 120W second charging, which can charge the large 5000mAh battery to 100% in just 19 minutes.

In terms of price, the Redmi K50 Pro comes in four versions, starting at 2,999 RMB and topping out at 3,999 RMB for 12GB+512GB, with pre-orders opening at 9pm tonight and first sale at 10am on March 22.

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