Redmi K50 gaming version ice cut blue unboxing

On the evening of February 16, the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition was officially launched, with a new generation of Snapdragon 8, a three-dimensional cooling system, and a 120W second charging system, all of which are core selling points.

The Redmi K50 Gaming Edition is available in three colors: Shadow, Ice Chop and Silver Wing, and the one we got is the Ice Chop version.

The design is inspired by the dream sports car and is designed around the X element, with the X on the back of the body leading to the large outline of the whole machine, the camera frame, speaker openings, breathing light, volume keys, etc. are all deformations and illusions of the X element, with strong hedging force and visual tension.

The K50 Gaming Edition is designed with a full straight-edge center frame for a more rigid style. The back cover glass is made of light and matte homogeneous process, with four sides of equal depth design, that is, the whole glass edge is bent inward to the same depth, and there is no longer a height difference between adjacent sides, so the curve is straight.

The sharp mech line, lightning flash, and 16 million color ambient light all play just the right decorative role, and the gaming atmosphere is directly pulled full.

The K50 Gaming Edition is equipped with OLED flexible straight screen, a high quality screen that has passed DisplayMate A+ certification and reached 15 screen records. It also supports 120Hz refresh rate and 480Hz ultra-high touch sampling rate, which makes gaming display and operation a step faster.

The K50 Gaming Edition retains the pop-up shoulder key design with further upgrades. The number of magnets of the toggle switch is increased to 8 to enhance stability and no wobble. The key micro-action has been changed from the previous hard resin to silicone for faster rebound and to reduce fatigue from prolonged pressing.

In terms of performance, the K50 Gaming Edition is equipped with a new generation Snapdragon 8 processor, full-blooded LPDDR5 memory, upgraded UFS 3.1 high-speed flash memory and a series of the latest performance optimization technologies, and the Rabbit run score easily exceeds the million mark.

The K50 Gaming Edition also comes with the latest Xiaomi's own IO Turbo 2.0 technology, which improves decompression performance by 100% and file copy performance by 300%.

The K50 Gaming Edition is luxurious in its use of cooling materials, with the main cooling material being a super large area of dual VC, with a total area of 4860mm², probably the largest area of VC cooling system in the industry.

In addition, the K50 Gaming Edition also uses second-generation aerospace graphene for heat dissipation in the antenna area. Compared to the first generation of aerospace graphene used in the K40 Gaming Plus Edition, the second generation of aerospace graphene adjusts the ratio of hexagonal boron nitride material to further improve thermal conductivity by 20%.

In 2022, Redmi's first product, the K50 Gaming Edition, increases the battery capacity to 4700mAh on top of the 120W divine second charge, further improving the overall battery life. And it still maintains the industry-leading charging speed, which can charge the 4700mAh battery to 100% in just 17 minutes with the support of high-efficiency dual charge pumps and MTW dual-cell technology.

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