OPPO Find X7 Unboxing

OPPO today officially released OPPO Find X7, equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chip, using a new all-big-core CPU architecture, the CPU consists of four Cortex-X4 mega-cores and four Cortex-A720 big cores.

The highest frequency up to 3.25GHz, the large core frequency of 2.0GHz, compared with the previous generation, Dimensity 9300 performance increased by 40%, power consumption reduced by 33%, the official said that this is "a huge leap in the field of smartphone chips".

In addition, OPPO Find X7 equipped with Sony LTY808 sensor has a 1/1.4-inch large bottom, and equipped with "ultra-light image system", bringing clearer picture quality and more detailed color performance.

It is reported that OPPO's Ultra Luminous Shadow Image System includes: Ultra Luminous Shadow Full Master Camera System, Ultra Luminous Shadow Image Engine and Ultra Luminous Shadow ProXDR Display.

Among them, the Ultra Light Shadow Full Master Camera System provides users with multi-focal settings for daily creations; the Ultra Light Shadow Image Engine breaks through the dilemma of traditional computational photography and utilizes more advanced algorithms to achieve a more natural shadow color performance.

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