Maxsun GEFORCE RTX 4070 SUPER Unboxing

As NVIDIA's domestic partner, Maxsun recently announced its new SUPER series to fully support the latest RTX 4070SUPER, RTX 4070Ti SUPER, and RTX 4080 SUPER.

These new graphics cards will include the MGG Big Gamer Series, iCraft Aiga Series, iCraft Gaming Heart Series and Turbo Series.

The pure white PC air guide incorporates a new customized daytime spinning coating to bring a ceramic-like rounded and delicate visual effect, and the hardened layer covering the surface gives the diaphragm high hardness, abrasion resistance, and anti-aging characteristics.

Unlike the angular style of its predecessor, the current generation uses a streamlined design concept and displays unpredictable colors under different light conditions.

The Maxsun RTX 4070 SUPER Aiga graphics card uses a customized RGB backplate with the new image of Aiga in blue and purple printed on the alloy backplate.

The metal backplate has large openings at the end, which protects the PCB from breaking during use and also improves cooling efficiency.

Compared to the RTX4070, the RTX4070 SUPER has an all-around improvement. the RTX4070 SUPER has 7,168 cores, nearly 21% more than the 5,888 of the RTX4070, and utilizes 192-bit GDDR6X memory at 21Gbps for a bandwidth of 504GB/s. The RTX4070 SUPER is also equipped with an all-around improvement of the RTX4070 SUPER, which has an all-around improvement of the RTX4070 SUPER.

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