iPhone 14 Pro concept map exposure: exclamation point dug hole screen, screen ratio of nearly 5 years highest!

With the news of the factory trial production of iPhone 14 series, there have been a lot of news about the new generation of iPhone in recent times.

The recent multi-breakout has shown that the iPhone 14 series will bring very big changes, with transformative changes in product line planning and product design.

One of the biggest highlights is that the iPhone 14 Pro series is likely to use a hole punch screen solution to completely erase the bangs screen that has been used for five years.

Recently, the well-known agency Letsgodigital also produced the latest renders of iPhone 14 Pro based on various news, the overall effect is almost infinitely close to the real machine, you can get an early glimpse of the machine's appearance and design.

According to the pictures, the screen part of iPhone 14 Pro is very conspicuous, a glance at the top of the different, by the global consumers have long criticized the bangs screen finally gone, changed to exclamation point type hole punch design, which will also make the machine will be the most iPhone screen ratio in five years.

It is worth noting that the picture also shows the fingerprint recognition area below the screen, but according to multiple sources, Apple will not use the screen fingerprint, and the latest wear mask recognition face recognition system update, also confirmed this point sideways, after the mask face realization, Face ID's biggest drawback has disappeared.

As for other aspects, the iPhone 14 Pro as a whole is almost indistinguishable from the current iPhone 13 Pro, still with a right-angle bezel body, frosted glass rear shell, rectangular triple camera module, and this time it seems that even the size of the camera module has not changed.

The revealed renders show a total of four colors, in addition to the black, white, and green that have already been introduced, there is also a purple copper-like color scheme that is a bit darker than rose gold.

Do you think the iPhone 14 Pro looks good?

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