Intel Core i5-12490F Unboxing

Not long ago, Intel launched a so-called "China-specific" i5-12490F processor, which is only available in China and not overseas.

To put it succinctly, the i5-12490F is the enhanced version of the i5-12400F, with a small upgrade in single-core performance and L3 cache, with a single-core base frequency of 3.0GHz and a maximum core frequency of 4.6GHz, plus an increase in L3 cache to 20MB.

If you just look at the parameters, the i5-12490F CPU does have very good gaming potential, according to many sources, this CPU will also gradually become the designated processor of the major Internet cafes.

At present, its price is only 1349 yuan, which is very cost-effective. How its performance, we fast technology will also bring performance reviews later, welcome your attention.

Via MyDrivers

Author: King
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