HUAWEI smart glasses square half frame unboxing

On December 23, Huawei officially released the first Harmony smart glasses, breaking the boundaries between hardware devices and software APPs, supporting intelligent interconnection with other "1+8+N" devices.

When users wear Huawei smart glasses, they can go straight to various audio APPs and automatically play complex information such as schedule planning, flights and express delivery in a short language.

In the wearing hours covering the whole day, users do not need to open the phone, no password, in the process of listening to the audio, important information and notifications directly to the ear. The comfortable audio flow integrates work and life seamlessly.

Huawei smart glasses offer three classic frames to choose from (retro round frame, classic box and fashionable aviator frame), which are classic and versatile and fit most people's face shapes.

With the innovative detachable front frame design, different frames can be replaced for different occasions and different outfits. And comfortable to wear, light material.

Huawei smart glasses support 16 hours of long-lasting battery life, and through wide stereo sound field, sound leakage prevention design, dual MIC anti-wind noise design and other optimization, better sound pickup, better sound quality, and more thoughtful protection of user call privacy.

The new smart glasses can be connected to multiple devices such as cell phones, tablets, PCs, and smart screens, and achieve convenient and seamless audio streaming.

For example, seamless and fast audio streaming between cell phones, tablets and PCs greatly enhances the office, learning and entertainment experience; audio streaming between smart screens and glasses allows users to watch soccer games late at night without disturbing their families' rest.

In addition to the active broadcast of important information such as daily important schedule, news, weather and flight reminders, Huawei smart glasses can also broadcast mainstream third-party APP messages such as WeChat, Nail and Meituan.

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