Huawei Pocket 2 Unboxing

A few days ago Huawei Pocket 2 released, into the first two-way Beidou satellite message small folding screen phone.

Huawei Pocket 2 provides Tahitian Gray, Rococo White, Taro Purple, elegant black four colors, we have the "Tahitian Gray" color, its design is inspired by the Tahitian black pearl, claiming that "each one is unique".

It is understood that Huawei Pocket 2 is equipped with the industry's first basalt water drop hinge, the screen is still flat after a long time of use, double force arm lever gear, lightweight opening and closing.

Screen, Huawei Pocket 2 screen size of 6.94 inches, resolution of 2690 * 1136, support 1-120Hz frame rate adaptive refresh, 440PPI.

Image, the new machine industry's first full-focus XMAGE quad camera, with a 50-megapixel super-perceptive main camera, ultra-wide-angle macro lens, and 3x optical zoom telephoto, which is also the industry's first small folding to support 3x zoom.

At the same time, Huawei Pocket 2 is equipped with a second-generation hyper-spectral camera, combined with the industry's first hyper-spectral AI fusion perception algorithm, which can accurately detect ultraviolet rays and scientific skin care.

In terms of communication, the Huawei Pocket 2 supports ultra-intense rhinoceros communication and is also the first small folding to support two-way Beidou satellite messages.

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