Wine 7.8 released: add PE format conversion support WoW64 sound driver

Wine 7.8 was released today, the latest bi-weekly release of the most popular application compatibility layer software, primarily for enjoying Windows games and applications on Linux, macOS and other platforms. Wine 7.8 continues the long effort to convert more Wine components to the Portable Executable (PE) format. For Wine 7.8, the X11 and OSS drivers have now been converted to the PE format.

Another milestone is support for WoW64 (Windows on Windows 64-bit) in Wine's sound driver code. digital formatting of Windows applications in Wine is now also done using Wine's new regional database.

The Wine development team has also worked on various bug fixes over the past week, with 37 bugs fixed, ranging from productivity software like Adobe Lightroom to games like Assassin's Creed.

A full list of changes to Wine 7.8 and downloads can be found on at:

Author: King
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