Windows 11 first major update KB5010414 is here: Running Android App with download

Microsoft is rolling out the first major update to Windows 11, KB5010414 (internal version 22000.527), with improvements to the taskbar, new media player and notepad apps, and support for running Android apps, the company said Feb. 16.

It is a major release with several new features and, unlike typical monthly updates, is an optional update that is downloaded by clicking the "Get Updates" button and not actively downloaded and installed.

Windows 11 KB5010414 direct download link: 64-bit.

Specific new features are as follows.

1. Android apps launched through the Microsoft Store.

2. Taskbar can now display the clock on multiple monitors.

3. Easily switch microphones from the taskbar and share application windows in Teams.

4. The taskbar can now display weather information.

5. Get Office Web integration in the recommendations section of the Start menu.

In the new version, Microsoft provides a new optional feature called Windows Subsystem for Android, which installs a full-fledged Android OS on your Windows 11 computer and then allows it to communicate with the Windows 11 OS to display APPs in the Start menu, taskbar, snapshot layout, and application switcher.

As we know, Windows 10's News and Interests widget is located on the right side of the taskbar and displays local weather updates and news headlines based on your personal interests.

And on Windows 11, there is a dedicated widget panel that contains a stream of information with details about weather, news, traffic, Microsoft to-do lists, and other widgets such as photos. Like the Android widget, the Windows 11 widget panel has small apps that provide you with quick information.

The taskbar gets a new feature called "AirDrop" for Windows 11 that reduces the need to move back and forth between apps when you want to share windows of apps during a Microsoft Teams meeting. AirDrop will also support other video conferencing clients, but is currently limited to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft officials say that the new window sharing experience in the Windows 11 taskbar may result in fewer interruptions during online meetings, as long as you can use it correctly.

To get started, you'll need to hover over the application in the taskbar and click the new button that allows you to share windows with others in a meeting. When you share your screen, you can always click the Stop Sharing button or switch to another application by clicking Share This Window.

In addition, Microsoft is introducing support for new mute and unmute buttons for the Windows 11 taskbar. This new feature will come in handy for users who regularly hold meetings on Teams.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you will be able to access the new mute or unmute toggle directly from the taskbar. This feature will persist throughout the call even if there are multiple windows open on the screen and will allow you to mute/unmute the Teams microphone from anywhere.

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