Windows 11 Classic Context Menu v1.1 – Get Win11’s right-click menu back to classic mode


The context (Right Click) menu in Windows 11 is redesigned and kept with limited entries when compared to old windows . It includes a row of icons for basic actions like copy, paste, and delete, but hides some functionality you might want behind a ‘Show More Options’ button this mean Every time we need to press an extra option to see all the context menu options. We will make a brief assessment of the cost to the world of the “show more” option that Microsoft added to the Windows 11 desktop context menu. Ergonomics is important because, Implementing ergonomic solutions can help trim operating expenses by reducing costs and improving productivity. Imagine a workplace where 10 people work, each computer user clicks on the desktop 100 times a day, each click wastes an extra 1 second.

10 x 100 = 1000 seconds (16,67 Minutes) a day Lost.
30 x 1000 = 30000 seconds ( 500 Minutes = 8,33 Hours) a Month Lost.

Even in a workplace with only 10 employees, it causes loss of 8.33 hours per month. Consider the waste of time in the workplace where 100 people work.


Windows 11 Classic Context Menu v1.1 – (Thursday, 11 November 2021)

[Added] – All user support (Choose Menu – Apply to all users)
[Added] – Language support
[Added] – Move the Taskbar to the Top (Under menu)
[Added] – Some code improvements

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Windows 11 Classic Context Menu v1.1

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