Windows 11 22H2 RTM is available for download

The first major update to Windows 11 has now been finalized. Someone found an official document just released by Microsoft. The hardware certification page mentions that the RTM build for Windows 1122H2 is 22621 (the lowest version number).

With the Windows 11 update, version 22H2 will be released in the fall and will trickle out to all new and installed Windows 11 PCS. In addition, Microsoft has revealed some very specific details, which appears to be the first time Microsoft has publicly acknowledged RTM details.

The company wrote: Windows 11, version 22H2 certification build Minimum acceptable build forWindows 11, version 22H2 certification is RTM build(i.e. 22621).

From Microsoft's point of view, it seems that there is no longer a specific version of Windows 11 as RTM, as long as the minimum version number is Build 22621 can be shipped as final version. Windows 11 version 22H2 will also be updated before and after the release of new PCS or to the public.

P: It takes a while for Windows to be laminated, packaged and distributed in retail stores. Therefore, the program Code must be completed some time before the official release. This completed program Code is called final.code.

RTM is Release to Manufacturing or Release to Marketing, a Release delivered to oems and markets.

Microsoft first pushed Windows 11Build 22621 to the Beta channel about two weeks ago. At the time, Microsoft noted that "the version watermark in the bottom right corner of the desktop is no longer there, but the watermark will reappear later in new versions," which clearly means that it has completed the 22H2 version selection, and it was also revealed that Microsoft may ship the RTM version to Oems today.

As it turns out, Microsoft has decided on 22H2, but it's not going public.

Windows 11Build 22621 was released to the Beta channel as early as May 11, along with an SDK. In addition, Microsoft made an ISO file available for download at the time, so if you want to get an early taste of the first major Windows 11 update, you can download the 22H2 Beta now.


How do I download a Windows 11 ISO image

To download a Windows 11 ISO image, follow these steps.

· Sign up or log in to the Windows Insider program here.

· Go to the Download page of the Microsoft website.

· Click "Select Version".

· select Windows 11Insider Preview (Beta Channel) -build 22621

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