Win11 gets optional update KB5012643: Taskbar weather icon shows temperature

Optional update KB5012643 for Windows 11 was released today and introduces some notable changes and fixes a number of bugs. The update is currently available through Windows Update and WSUS, or you can download the offline installer for Windows 11 KB5012643 via the link below this article.

Unlike the March 2022 optional update, this optional cumulative update is not a major release, but there are several quality improvements. For example, Microsoft added a new feature that will display the temperature at the top of the weather icon, which was added to the taskbar with the April 2022 update.

Microsoft fixed an issue where the operating system misaligned video subtitles and fixed another bug where video subtitles would be partially cut off. Microsoft said it also fixed an issue that prevented users from using Windows window controls, such as the minimize, maximize and close buttons.

Windows 11 KB5012643 Direct Download

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