[Win] WingetUI v2.2.0

WingetUI is a third-party GUI utility for managing CLI package managers such as Winget or Scoop. The new update (version 2.2.0) brings performance improvements related to package import and parsing and CLI export, as well as some important source code related upgrades such as source code filtering and support for customizing source code.

Installed, blacklisted and upgradeable packages have new special icons. The program also now comes digitally signed, so Microsoft Defender and other anti-malware products should no longer block it.


WingetUI 2.2.0 changelog:

  • WingetUI does now support PowerShell Gallery, the 7th Package Manager.
  • Added Support for WingetUI Widgets, a set of widgets for the Windows Widgets pane that will ease installing available package updates.
  • Installation options will be saved for each package, so they do not need to be reapplied on each install/update
  • Exporting packages has been reworked:
  • Installation options will be saved next to the package list.
  • Ignored updates and skipped versions will also be exported
  • Package lists can now be exported in YAML or JSON formats.
  • WingetUI can now backup your installed packages automatically.
  • Chocolatey and PowerShell do now support multiple sources. Winget and Scoop sources mechanisms have been improved.
  • Add Romanian as a supported language
  • Added the ability to uninstall, then update packages
  • Added the ability to reinstall packages from the Installed Packages tab
  • WingetUI source code is more modular, partially detaching the interface from the Package Engine. This will allow for further interface improvements.
  • Integrity checker is now more powerful and reaches more WingetUI files.
  • Ignored packages and skipped versions will be now stored on human-readable, JSON files.
  • Minor improvements on the sharing interface
  • Prerelease packages can now be installed with a simple toggle from the details tab.
  • Install location can be customized for Winget packages.
  • Improvements to the Interface API (Widgets and Share)
  • A new WebView Wrapper has been added in order to show Release Notes and Help articles
  • Save cached files under AppData\Local\WingetUI instead of under .wingetui
  • Improvements in operation logs
  • General interface improvements
  • Better handling for when .NET Framework is not installed
  • Improvements in the Settings Tab
  • Tons of other under-the-hood improvements and fixes

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Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM
Permalink: https://www.pcpai.com/software/win-wingetui-v2-2-0.html

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