[Win] MSEdgeRedirect v0.7.5.1 – Added “EU Mode”

MSEdgeRedirect, the replacement for Edge Deflector, has been updated to version 0.6 with some great new features.

MSEdgeRedirect redirects Windows News, Search, Widgets, Weather and more to your default browser.

The tool filters and passes the command line arguments of Microsoft Edge processes into your default browser instead of hooking into the microsoft-edge: handler. This change was needed after Microsoft made it impossible to take over the microsoft-edge: protocol, leaving Edge Deflector non-functional. MSEdgeRedirect’s method should provide resiliency against future changes. Unlike Edge Deflector, however, it needs to run continuously in the background, but the app can be set to auto-run at launch.

The latest version lets you rewrite searched which would normally go to Bing or Bing Weather, meaning you can finally use the News and Interest taskbar widget without fear and even perform Google searches from Windows Search.


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Author: King
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