[Win/Mac/Linux] Buzz v0.5.8 – Open source video translation and transcription tool

Buzz is an open source video translation and transcription tool for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, based on OpenAI Whisper. it can translate offline and convert video or voice to text, so those who need it can try it, as the support for offline files is relatively large.


Real-time voice to text, real-time translation (microphone permission required)
Import audio and video files (mp3, wav, m4a, ogg, mp4, webm, ogm), export sentence-by-sentence subtitles or word-by-word subtitles (export formats: TXT, SRT, VTT)


To install Buzz, download the latest version for your operating system. Buzz is available on Mac and Windows.

Mac (macOS 11.7 and above)

  • Download and open the Buzz-x.y.z-dmg file.
  • After the installation window opens, drag the Buzz icon into the folder to add Buzz to your Applications directory.


  • Download and run the Buzz-x.y.z.exe file.

winmaclinux buzz v0 5 8 open source video translation and transcription


Release v0.5.8 · chidiwilliams/buzz · GitHub

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM
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