[Win] Kyty v0.2.0 : PS4/PS5 emulator


Recently, the developer InoriRus released the new version 0.2.0 of the PS4/PS5 simulator Kyty. InoriRus said that Kyty has been able to run some simple PS4 games and PS5 homebrew programs, let's take a look at the emulator demo video! Kyty can already run two PS4 games, Black Hole and Worms WMD, which are not smooth, but at least playable. Kyty's v0.2.0 compressed package is only 15MB, and the game performance is not very good. Compared with the PS3 emulator RPCS3, the gap is too large.

Kyty is still in a very early stage, and the support for PS5 graphics has not yet been completed, so it will encounter aliasing, crashes, freezes, or lower frame rates, and features waiting to be perfected include audio input and output, MP4 video, networking, multi-user switching, and more. So don't expect this emulator to run the latest PS5 games.


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[Win] Kyty v0.2.0

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