[Win] InControl : Let the system update only security updates and not install version updates


InControl controls Windows automatic updating/upgrading system by targeting it to a specific major version and feature update release. By default, the current release will be used. So if you “Take Control” with the major version and feature release shown in the boxes in the lower left, Windows will remain right where it is – only installing monthly security updates – until you “Release control”.

If you wish to move to a future release, say from Windows 10 21H1 to Windows 10 21H2, you can first “Release Control” to allow those two fields to be edited. Then change the “21H1” to “21H2” and press “Take Control”. Windows Update will now be targeted at the 21H2 feature release and will offer it for installation once it's available. And if you do nothing else, your system will remain there until you again deliberately release control.

Note that InControl will hold your Windows right where it is, even after the current version and feature release has gone out of support. You will see a complaint about the current version of Windows requiring an update. But your system will not be updated while you are InControl.

If you have been playing with InControl and want to restore its Version and Release fields to their natural (current) default values, delete those fields' contents while the system is not under control, then click “Take Control” and they will be set to the system's current version and feature release.

That's pretty much it. Like all of GRC's ultra lightweight freeware utilities, no setup or installation is required. Just run the utility with administrative rights. InControl's operation can be scripted from the command line, and full technical details about the Registry keys it changes is provided.


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[Win] InControl : Let the system update only security updates and not install version updates

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