[WIN] foobar2000 v2.1.3 Final

foobar2000 is an advanced audio player for the Windows platform that includes some basic features such as playback gain support, low memory footprint and built-in support for some popular audio formats, support for powerful interface extensions and plug-ins and excellent sound effects. foobar2000 is positioned as a professional digital audio playback tool and is an excellent player. foobar2000 1.2 supports UPnP MediaRenderer device plug-and-play, MP3, AAC and Vorbis decoding using FFmpeg.


foobar2000 2.1.3 changelog:

  • Fixed bug in foobar2000 v2.0 that caused folder watch events to be discarded without triggering a full rescan if there were too many pending folder watch events.
  • Stopped decoding ADTS AAC when encountering APE tags instead of reporting an error.
  • Improved ReFacets performance.
  • Fixed bug in MP4 video codec name reporting.
  • Fixed bug in ASX playlist loader.
  • Backported some CPU usage adjustments from the 2.2 series.

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[WIN] foobar2000 v2.1.3 Final

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