[Win] Fan Control v175

Fan Control is a powerful and versatile portable tool that allows you to monitor, control and customize your GPU and CPU fans to keep your machine cool and running smoothly. Fan Control supports a wide range of devices and hardware configurations, giving you complete control over your computer's cooling system.

Fan Control's backend is largely based on LibreHardwareMonitor, an open source fork of the original OpenHardwareMonitor. This means that hardware compatibility is completely open and anyone can contribute, rather than relying on a developer who may stop caring at some point. Combined with a plug-in system, FanControl can be unlocked for many future generations of hardware.

Main Functions

Guided setup process on first startup
Save, edit and load multiple profiles
Change the theme and color of the application
Multiple temperature sources (CPU, GPU, motherboard, hard disk...) .
Multiple fan curve functions, including a customized chart
Mixed fan curves or combinations of sensors (max, min, average)
Low resource utilization
Advanced tuning with steps, start%, stop%, response time and hysteresis


win fan control v175

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