[Win] Everything v1.4.1.1017 : File Search Magic


Everything is the fastest file name search software. Its speed is astounding, hundreds of thousands of files on a hundred G hard disk can be indexed in seconds; filename search presents results instantly. It is small and free, it supports Chinese, it supports regular expressions and you can share your search results via HTTP or FTP. If you are not satisfied with the search tool that comes with Windows, with Total Commander's search, with Google Desktop Search or with Baidu Hard Drive Search, if you are using or have given up Locate32, it is worth recommending this small, installation-free, free and very fast (faster than Locate32) file search tool Everything!

Everything is a hard drive file name searcher and HTTP/FTP file sharing software, based on NTFS indexing to search for files; and easy and fast to share software using HTTP/FTP protocol. Most people use its search function, but know little about its file sharing function. In fact, using its file sharing function, it is possible to create a home sharing center, allowing mobile devices to share and play a huge amount of movie sources on your computer.



Friday, 20 May 2022: Version
	localization update.
	fixed an issue with incrementing search history count when opening a bookmark.

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[Win] Everything v1.4.1.1017 : File Search Magic

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