[Win] Classic Volume Mixer : Retrieve the original volume synthesizer


In Windows 11 the old volume mixer was "removed" and instead a new mixer was added to the settings app.

I really don't like this due to it's HUGE size in comparison. Luckily the old exe is still available in system32, so we just need a convenient way to open it.

Thats what this is, this repo contains a super simple application which only purpose is to add a new icon in the system tray that can be used to launch the old mixer.

I would recommend putting this in your startup folder so you don't have to start it every time you reboot your computer.

If you get smartscreen error (blue box popup) this is because the file has not been signed and is still to new. You can click on "more info" and then "run anyway" to run it, this is only needed once.


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[Win] Classic Volume Mixer v2.0

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