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AxMath is a formula editor that can help us edit formulas very conveniently and insert them into documents for display. It integrates formula editing, typesetting and scientific calculation; it has beautiful layout, simple operation, and comprehensive functions; it has formula-based scientific calculation capabilities. It supports OLE embedding, can cooperate with common document editing software such as Microsoft Office / WPS, and can also output vector or output to picture format. The main features are as follows:

  • Graphical typesetting layout setting, typesetting is more convenient;
  • Support point input, shortcut keys, script input, input faster;
  • Support AMS/LaTeX mathematical notation standard;
  • Support custom math symbols;
  • Supports quick matrix templates, auto-fill and block;
  • Support string search and replace;
  • Support note (multi-frame clipboard), tile and formula library;
  • Support multi-background symbol panel, support symbol panel remapping;
  • Support monochrome and color, customizable color preference;
  • Editing auxiliary function, which can automatically recognize preset fields and correct their text format;
  • Support handwriting input;
  • Calculated based on the formula seen; ‍‍
  • Support variable definition and constant definition;
  • After the calculation process is saved, it can be called as a computable document next time;
  • Support addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, root opening, power, trigonometric functions and common mathematical functions;
  • Support object embedding, can be used as a plug-in for text software such as MS WORD;
  • Vector images can be output;
  • Can be output to common image formats such as BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF;


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[Win] AxMath v2.7058

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