Telegram Desktop app gets updated to version 3.4.2

Following its announcement 2 days ago, Telegram has updated the Telegram Desktop app for Windows 10 and 11, taking it to version 3.4.2.

The update delivers many of the changes the company announced, including Reactions, Spoilers and new emojis.

The update also includes other changes, about which you can read them below.


  • Reactions – It is now possible to react to messages in Telegram.
    • Hover your cursor over any message to see the reactions button.
    • Click the quick reaction button ? or hover the cursor through the entire emoji list.
    • Group and channel administrators can enable reactions in their chat via the ‘…’> Manage> Reactions menu.
  • Spoiler – Telegram introduces text that can be hidden as a spoiler.
    • Select text as you type and choose “Formatting> Spoiler” in the context menu to hide some or all of the contents of a message.
    • Click on the spoiler animation in the chat to reveal the hidden text.
    • Spoiler formatting hides text in the chat, as well as in the chat list and notifications.
  • New animated emojis – Introduced interactive versions for different emojis  in 1-on-1 chats.

You can download and install the Telegram Desktop on your Windows 10 PC from the below link, or you can head over to Microsoft Store and search for the app:

Author: King
Copyright: PCPai.COM

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