NVIDIA GeForce 551.86 WHQL Driver

Nvidia has pushed out a brand-new driver for GeForce graphics card users. The GeForce Game Ready 551.86 WHQL-certified driver is carrying support for a soon-releasing Sony game, a DLSS 3.5 update for a Valve classic, bug fixes, and more.

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition is finally hitting the PC platform in a few days on March 21. Anyone with Nvidia graphics looking to jump into the Guerrilla Games-developed action game is recommended to install this driver for optimal performance. The title ships with Nvidia DLSS 3, DLAA, and Reflex technologies on day one. 

Next, Portal with RTX now supports DLSS Ray Reconstruction and NVIDIA RTX IO, making it one of the latest DLSS 3.5-supporting games. Surprisingly, this driver carries no mention of adding support for Dragon's Dogma 2. The Capcom title is releasing on March 22. Perhaps another Nvidia driver will land just before then.

Here are the fixed gaming and general issues in this release:

Fixed Gaming Bugs:

  • [Advanced Optimus] Notebook may not wake up from sleep when in NVIDIA GPU only display mode [4454524]
  • [Hitman 3] Stutter observed in some Advanced Optimus notebooks [4443236]

Fixed General Bugs:

  • RTX HDR uses saturation and tone curve that matches Gamma 2.0 instead of 2.2 [4514298]
  • RTX Digital Vibrance incorrectly detects Paint.net app as a supported app [4539617]
  • [Acer XZ272] When parsing the invalid EDID of the monitor, the PC will bugcheck/go into system reboot [4487078]

The open issues still being worked on are the following:

  • GeForce GTX 10/RTX 20 series: PC may randomly freeze when Windows Hardware- Accelerated GPU Scheduling and NVIDIA SLI are both enabled [4009884]
  • Tekken 8 may randomly crash during gameplay on GeForce GTX 10 series graphics cards [4503216]


NVIDIA GeForce 551.86 WHQL Desktop

NVIDIA GeForce 551.86 WHQL Notebook

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