NVIDIA GeForce 516.59 WHQL Release

NVIDIA has released the GTX 1630 graphics card and the GeForce 516.59 graphics driver, a WHQ and Game Ready driver, which not only supports the GTX 1630 graphics card for the first time, but also brings a number of Game optimisations, including the F1 22 with light chase and DLSS support. Game performance increases by more than 2 times.

Formula one 22, developed by Codemaster and published by EA, is available to those who have purchased the Champion edition, which typically won't be available until July 1. This time, the GeForce 516.59 graphics driver has been optimized to include light tracking and DLSS support.

After enabling DLSS technology, the game performance has been dramatically improved. According to the test results officially released by NVIDIA, RTX 3080 Ti's original performance is only 43fps under THE condition of 4K+ Light chase + highest picture quality, but it can reach 109fps after enabling DLSS. Other games have also been greatly improved. RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards can maintain 4K 60fps performance, up to 2x or more.

In addition to significantly optimizing F1 22 games, the GeForce 516.59 graphics card driver provides optimizations for Loopmancer, Monster Hunter Rise & Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and more.

In addition, NVIDIA's GeForce Experience software also supports the following game Settings:



Poppy Playtime


The Cycle: Frontier


NVIDIA GeForce 516.59 WHQL desktop

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