Microsoft pushing Windows 11 stable version KB5020044 Patch [Download]

Microsoft has released a new non-security update for Windows 11 users, the latest 2022 update or version 22H2. In addition to the changes mentioned in the official changelog, the update brings several hidden "Moment 2″ features in the upcoming update. You can enable them using the ViveTool app after installing KB5020044 or build 22621.900.

If you don't know what those Windows 11 "Moment" updates are, check out our article that explains more about Microsoft's new Windows Services strategy.

Here are the goodies you can enable in Windows 11 22621.900.

  • New settings section with energy recommendations
    microsoft pushing windows 11 stable version kb5020044 patch download
  • Task Manager improvements: search bar, improved theme support, modern UI bits
    microsoft pushing windows 11 stable version kb5020044 patch download 1
  • Slight enhancements to the settings page for managing the touch keyboard

It's worth noting that if you have enabled the previous features (tablet-optimized taskbar and redesigned notification area), the above will be available to you after installing KB5020044.

Remember, Microsoft is hiding new features for a reason. Enabling them before they're publicly announced can lead to potential instability or errors, so be prepared to troubleshoot your system and eliminate the damage. As always, the best option is to wait for Microsoft to provide you with new features organically through monthly security and feature updates.

KB5020044 Download

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