Microsoft officially launches Visual Studio 2022, bringing Teams application support and more improvements

During Ignite 2022, Microsoft officially launched Visual Studio 2022 in its entirety -- including a new Microsoft Teams toolkit for building applications, new productivity enhancements for C++ development, and new tools to support the . NET Multiplatform Application User Interface (MAUI). NET MAUI is now available in the VS IDE for Windows, which helps build faster and efficiently distribute .NET client applications to Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10 / 11 platforms.

microsoft officially launches visual studio 2022 bringing teams application support and more improvements

Microsoft Teams Improvement

Developers can now publish notifications to chats or channels from the ASP.NET Web API or Azure Function triggers through dedicated project templates, or to Microsoft Teams through the Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio.

C++ Improvement

Microsoft has worked hard to bring performance improvements to the C++ developer experience, and VS 2022 can index and color faster than ever before.

For cross-platform development, remote SSH targets are now available as integrated endpoints in VS.

For C++ developers working with embedded devices, a new serial monitor, complemented by Zephyr RTOS support, can also be found in VS.

Microsoft Dev Box is now available for preview

Microsoft introduced Dev Box at its Build 2022 developer conference earlier this year, designed to provide developers with self-service access to cloud-based, high-performance workstations that are now ready to be pre-configured and coded.

Visual Studio images are now officially available on the Azure Marketplace for interested developers. Microsoft hopes these off-the-shelf images will help developers build a Dev Box with the existing Visual Studio features and tools.

Recruitment Opportunities

Microsoft is building a new employability program designed to help graduating students, people changing careers or changing jobs by providing access to the Microsoft partner and customer ecosystem.

Job seekers will have the opportunity to hone their skills through Microsoft Learn, the Microsoft Learn for Educators program for campuses, or learn new tools and capabilities with instructor-led training sessions offered by Microsoft Learning Partners. Instructor-led training sessions are available to learn new tools and features.

Finally, job seekers can showcase their newly acquired Microsoft skills through the LinkedIn platform to stand out from the crowd of applicants. A private LinkedIn group is included, allowing employers and potential new hires to interact.

For those interested, the VS 2022 Community is available for download now to get a sneak peek at:

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