[Mac] Toothpicks : Put each Bluetooth device individually in the menu bar to connect and disconnect quickly


Toothpicks is a Bluetooth device manager for macOS that places each Bluetooth device individually in the menu bar and allows you to connect and disconnect with a click. And it can also group devices, show device remaining power, shortcut keys, perfect for multi Bluetooth device users.

If you have multiple Bluetooth devices, such as mouse, keyboard, headset... then you can connect and disconnect easily with Toothpicks.

Can be set for each Bluetooth device:

  • Whether to display on the menu bar separately
  • Icon
  • Power (requires device support)
  • Can be set to connect after left or right click
  • Connection/disconnection notification (support sound alert)
  • Shortcut keys to control connection and disconnection

In addition to individual devices, it also supports grouping several Bluetooth devices together and setting shortcut keys to connect/disconnect at once.


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[Mac] Toothpicks

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