[Mac] OneTask : Free and useful task reminder tool


OneTask is designed to help you keep track of and focus on a single task or goal that really needs to be taken care of like calling the dentist, responding to an important email, writing your TPS report, and so on. OneTask does this by letting you define a task and display it prominently on your Mac’s menubar for a visible reminder to get whatever it is done.

  • Enter a task and have it appear in the menu bar using a global keyboard shortcut
  • Clear the task using a global keyboard shortcut
  • Choose whether or not to set a aural or visual task "nag" reminder that triggers on a recurring time interval
  • Choose whether or not to run OneTask each time your Mac starts up
  • Very lightweight and uses minimal system resources
  • Runs on macOS Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey
  • It’s free


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