[Mac] Gifski : Video to Gif animation


Gifski is a Mac video to gif software that can help us convert video files to gif motion pictures on Mac, it is very easy to use, we don't need to set too many parameters, just drag and drop the video resources into the software interface, you can convert the video resources to gif format motion pictures and finally share them.

In addition to the basic GIF conversion functions, you can also customize various details inside Gifski before the conversion starts, whether it's the playback speed, the loop rule, the size priority, the final output file size strictly based on the settings, or the frame rate of GIF, you can set them all in detail. Speaking of GIF frame rates, if you happen to be a motion designer, you can use Gifski to export GIF content at up to 50 FPS (which is the maximum frame rate supported by most browsers) and share your masterpieces on Dribbble. Of course, features such as importing a video and then simply editing it before converting it are also available within Gifski.

■ Features

Support converting video files in mp4, mov and other formats into gifs
Support drag-and-drop operation
Easy and convenient to operate


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[Mac] Gifski : Video to Gif animation

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