Linux 5.19 – rc6 release

Linux 5.19-RC6 was released following a fairly uneventful week. Linus Torvalds has just issued Linux 5.19-RC6, the latest general beta and release candidate for the upcoming Linux 5.19. Linux 5.19 is expected to be released steadily later this month. Linux 5.19 has many new features, from hardware support to file system enhancements, and various other "interesting" kernel changes.

Fortunately for the Linux 5.19-RC6 testing process, it was another smooth week, with Linus Torvalds summarizing 5.19-RC6 in a release announcement.

For RC6, it looks pretty normal, nothing really stands out here. Mostly minor fixes, involving sound and network drivers, and some updates to arm64 DTS files, leaving a few self-test updates, and various (mostly) single lines of code.

The short log below gives a good overview, and it's short enough to scroll through it all:

Perhaps unusually, I picked up a few issues in the device tree that needed to be fixed, but hadn't actually reached upstream yet. Now that it's RC6, I want to close some regression reports without having to wait for another RC to put them on the tree.

Linux 5.19 seems to be in pretty good shape, aside from a few AMDGPU regressions, the 5.19 kernel benchmark I have has been doing pretty well, but I'll check those regressions to see if they're in good shape.

Author: King
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