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Aim and shoot! It's AirShot!

Let me guess: right now you're sitting looking at your phone, maybe working or studying. Perhaps bored and passing time, or just stuck at home in silence.

It's been far too long since you last hit the court and worked up a good old sweat, am I right?

You'd go through the old familiar motions, as if on auto-pilot.

Loading up that shot, arms tensing, and then a flick of the wrists:

Swish. No basketball to play with, but your motions are on point!

The good old days flew by faster than you can shout 'travel!'.

That's youth for you. It came, now it's went.

Or so you thought...

Yet now, that imaginary basketball's back in virtual form. He shoots! He scores!

Nothing beats that sound, that classic, weirdly satisfying


So now you're up on your feet again, heart racing.

You're alone no longer! That's right! We get you, man!

We made AirShot: a game just for you!

There's the effortless motion recognition. The pinpoint spatial audio simulation.

And it all comes together to recreate that satisfying swish.

Once a baller, always a baller.

No matter how tough life gets, you can always AirShot that stress away!

Here's to each and every MVP out there, on the court or elsewhere!


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