Intel Graphics – Windows DCH Drivers v30.0.101.1994

In the last few days, AMD and NVIDIA have updated the Driver to provide optimization for Sniper Elite 5, Hitman 3 and other games. Intel has now released Game On Driver, which is also a version of the Game optimization Driver. Also fixed Xe graphics card crash, restart bug in rainbow Six and other games.

Intel Game On Driver graphics Driver has been released, which is mainly optimized for sniper Elite 5. It supports Intel 11th generation Core processor Xe and newer graphics cards.

At the same time, the new driver also fixes the following bugs:

1. Xe Discrete graphics: Texture flickering is possible in StarCraft ii: Wings of Liberty.

11 & 12 Core Processors: Rainbow Six: Alien In Vulkan mode, selecting medium or higher graphics may cause the game to crash or reboot.

3. 11th and 12th Generation Core processors: Rise of Monster Hunter may require shader recompilation when it boots.

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Intel Graphics – Windows DCH Drivers v30.0.101.1994

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