Intel Graphics Drivers v31.0.101.5379 Beta

Intel has a new beta driver for its customers with supported processors and discrete graphics cards. Version non-WHQL is now available for download. It features optimizations for new games and notable performance improvements in existing titles. In addition, the latest release fixes various bugs.

The new driver adds support and optimizations for Diablo IV Ray Tracing Update, Dragon's Dogma 2, Horizon Forbidden West, and The Legend of the Condor Heroes. Here are the performance improvements you can expect after installing version

Game Arc A-Series GPUs Intel Core Ultra
Assassin's Creed Origins (DX11) ~35% at 1080p Ultra High ~117% at 1080p Medium
Conqueror's Blade (DX11) ~54% at 1080p Highest ~27% at 1080p Medium
Detroit: Become Human (VK) ~137% at 1080p Ultra
~172% at 1440p Ultra
Dragon's Dogma 2 (DX12) ~36% at 1080 High with PRM
~31% at 1440p High with PRM
~18% at 1080p Low with PRM
Fortnite (DX12) ~6% at 1080p Epic
~6% at 1440p Epic
~6% at 1080p High
God of War (DX11) ~36% at 1080p Ultra ~17% at 1080p Original
Granuble Fantasy: Relink (DX11) ~174% at 1080p Ultra ~29% at 1080p Standard
Horizon Forbidden West (DX12) ~6% at 1440p High N/A
Sons of the Forest (DX11) ~8% at 1080p Ultra
~9% at 1440p High
~5% at 1080p Low

The driver fixes the following issues and bugs:

Intel Arc A-Series Graphics Products:

  • Counter-Strike 2 (VK) may experience an application crash while launching game.
  • DOTA 2 (VK) may experience an application crash while launching game.

Intel Core Ultra with built-in Intel Arc GPUs:

  • Serif Affinity Photo 2 may experience an application crash while running benchmark.
  • Alan Wake 2 (DX12) may experience corruption while turning off global reflection settings.

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