Google Chrome v107.0.5304.88 Release

Google Chrome ushered in v107 second maintenance version release, the detailed version number is v107.0.5304.88, the last official version v107.0.5304.63 released on October 26, after 2 days Google released a new version of Chrome browser, this update is mainly updated security fixes and stability improvements and user experience.


New version changes

Google Chrome v107 is a major update to support High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265, a video compression format now supported by many modern applications. chrome 107 now supports it by default, and interestingly enough HEVC support is a much discussed and controversial topic in the browser industry, although Apple's Safari WebKit team also supports HEVC, but Mozilla has historically opposed it. Other minor features enabled by default include improvements to CSS grid-template property interpolation to allow developers to implement specific interactive effects, hints to the display surface, the ability to exclude the current tab, and a button to toggle the display tab during screen sharing. There is also an ignoreCase option for URLPattern, better rendering blocking support, and a "rel" attribute for form elements.

Security fixes and rewards

Chrome v107.0.5304.88,This update includes 1 security fix.
[$TBD][1378239] High CVE-2022-3723: Type Confusion in V8. Reported by Jan Vojtěšek, Milánek, and Przemek Gmerek of Avast on 2022-10-25


Google Chrome v107.0.5304.88 Official Version Offline Installer

Windows version (without updated components) 64 bit

Windows version (no updated components) 32 bit

MAC version (no update components)

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