CPU-Z 2.00 New Release: Support for 12th Generation Core

CPU-Z, a must-have software for CPU and related accessories testing, ushered in a new version 2.00 today with considerable changes, especially full support for 12th generation Core processors.

According to the changelog, CPU-Z 2.00 has full support for the following Intel 12th generation processors.

  • - Special Edition i9-12900KS
  • - S65 series i5-12500/12400, i3-12300/12100
  • - P28 series i7-1280P/1270P/1260P, i5-1250P/1240P, i3-1220P
  • - U15 series i7-1265U/1255U, i5-1245U/1235U, Pentium 8505, Celeron 7305
  • - U9 series of i7-1260U/1250U, i5-1240U/1230U, Pentium 8500, Celeron 7300

For AMD, it officially supports Raider 7 5800X3D cache version, initially supports Raider 6000H and Raider 6000U series, also supports AMD RX 6500 XT graphics cards, and fixes the problem of AMD CCD/CCX detection errors.

Other aspects, the new version improves the recognition of DDR5 SPD information.


CPU-Z 2.00

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