[Chrome] Abookmark asnote v0.16.0 : Add tags, memos to browser bookmarks


Abookmark is fully compatible with chrome native bookmarks, and adds some interesting features on top of it:

  • 1, tagging.
  • 2, Notes. You can add sticky notes to common web pages, and see them when you visit the page again.
  • 3, tab management. It is similar to onetab. You can save all or part of the currently opened web site and reopen it when you need it. The saved pages are seamlessly integrated with the bookmark system and can be synchronized across multiple browsers.
  • 4, Capture mode. When enabled, the links you ctrl+click on the current web page will be saved as bookmarks directly.
  • 5, Recycle Bin. When this feature is enabled, your deleted bookmarks will be transferred to the recycle bin, and these bookmarks can be restored.
  • 6, Export the bookmarks in the specified folder.
  • 7, Popup window to show bookmarks interface. Similar to edge's own pop-up bookmark function, but faster loading.

In addition, there are many advanced functions such as multi-column single screen display, text editing mode, preview import and export, update to current URL, etc.

Abookmark's "topbar" is equivalent to chrome's bookmark bar + multi-column single screen display, which is suitable for users with more bookmarks.


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[Chrome] Abookmark asnote v0.16.0

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