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macOS Monterey delivers groundbreaking new features that help users connect in new ways, do more and work seamlessly across their Apple devices. FaceTime includes new audio and video features that make calls feel more natural and realistic, and new continuity tools like AirPlay to Mac enable Apple devices to work better together. Live Text and Visual Lookup bring new smart features to present useful information, Safari includes powerful tag organization and tag groups, and shortcuts for the Mac make automation easy. SharePlay, coming later this fall, will enable Mac users to share experiences over FaceTime, and Universal Control will make it easy for users to work easily on their Macs and iPads. macOS Monterey is now available as a free software update on Macs with Apple chips and Intel-based Macs.

A new way to stay connected via FaceTime

FaceTime calls sound more natural and realistic, and SharePlay gives users a new way to connect and enjoy time with friends and family. Using spatial audio, the voice in a FaceTime call sounds like it's coming from where the person is on the screen. Two new microphone modes give users greater control over how their voice sounds: Voice Isolation removes background noise to ensure the user's voice is crystal clear, and Broad Spectrum allows all noise to enter so participants can hear everything. Portrait mode, a new feature in FaceTime available in apps like Webex and Zoom, uses the neural engine in the M1 chip to keep users focused while blurring the background, and a new grid view shows the same size tiles of participants in a Group FaceTime call.

SharePlay is a powerful set of features that allows users to share experiences during FaceTime calls. Users can experience their favorite music, TV shows, movies and more in real time with friends and family, and the SharePlay controls let anyone in a SharePlay session play, pause or skip forward. They can also share the entire screen or just specific apps to easily collaborate with friends or colleagues during a call. SharePlay works with apps like Apple Music and Apple TV+, as well as popular third-party services.

Use Universal Controls and AirPlay to work across Apple devices to the Mac

With Universal Control, users will be able to work with a single mouse and keyboard and move seamlessly between Mac and iPad. Users can place devices side-by-side and instantly move the cursor from one device to another - no setup required. They can use the Mac keyboard to type text on any device or easily drag and drop content back and forth between devices. Users can even draw with Apple Pencil on iPad and drop their illustrations directly into the app on their Mac - all while enjoying the power of all their devices. With AirPlay to Mac, it's easy to play, show and share almost anything from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. Use AirPlay to share the latest movies and games, photos and presentations directly to the Mac's stunning Retina display, or play music across the room through the Mac's hi-fi system.

Live Text and Visual Finder

Live Text detects text in photos, including phone numbers, websites, addresses, and more, so users can copy and paste, make phone calls, open websites, and easily find more information. Visual Look Up helps users discover and understand animals, art, landmarks, plants, and more in photos. Both Live Text and Visual Look Up are available for macOS and leverage powerful on-device machine learning so user data is kept private.

Focus helps users focus on tasks and reduce distractions

Focus filters notifications from apps and people based on what the user wants to focus on at the time. When a user sets up Focus on a Mac, it is automatically set up on other Apple devices. When using Focus, status is automatically displayed in messages and supported communication applications such as Slack, so others know not to interrupt when the user finishes a project or takes a vacation.

More ways to organize and collaborate with Notes

With Notes in Monterey, users can collaborate, stay organized and create notes in new ways from anywhere. Quick Note enables users to take notes in any application, so they can easily capture ideas and thoughts at any time. Users can also add links from apps to Quick Note, perfect for situations where they need to remember a site in Safari or quickly find a location in a map. New collaboration tools allow users to add mentions, as well as view updates to shared notes using the new Activity view. Easily organize with tabs in Monterey - use the new tabbed browser to categorize notes faster and make them easy to find.

Improved tab experience in Safari

Safari gives users more control over how they browse the web, including a new tab group feature that allows users to easily save and organize tabs - perfect for planning trips, researching projects and storing tabs that users visit regularly. Tab groups sync between Mac, iPhone and iPad so users can continue their projects from anywhere and easily share tabs with friends and family. Safari brings new ways to experience the web, including a new optional compact tab bar design that gives users more space to browse, integration with Shared with You so users can easily access links sent from Messages, and support for Quick Note so users can easily keep track of information found on websites. Safari also gives users more privacy protection, and Smart Tracking Protection now prevents trackers from using a user's IP address to analyze the user.

Shortcuts provide seamless automation on the Mac

Shortcuts on the Mac help users achieve maximum productivity with the applications they use most often. With a rich library of pre-built shortcuts, users can easily automate everyday tasks, such as immediately opening their frequently used applications to quickly start their workday or adding reminders to their grocery list to remind them when to arrive at the market, directly from their Apple computer. The Shortcut Editor enables users to customize shortcuts to match their workflow. With shortcuts integrated throughout macOS, including the menu bar, Finder, Spotlight and Siri, you can easily run shortcuts whenever you want. Users can also import existing Automator workflows into Shortcuts and have them up and running immediately.

Additional Features

Share with You makes it easy to enjoy content shared through Messages in Photos, Safari, Apple Podcasts, Apple News, and Apple TV apps. Users can easily find shared content, see who recommended it, and inline replies on the original thread that was shared.
Maps offers a new immersive experience that includes extraordinary detail of roads, neighborhoods, trees, buildings and more - all brought to life on the Mac's stunning display.
iCloud+ combines everything users love about iCloud with new advanced features, including Hide My Email, expanded HomeKit secure video support, and the innovative Internet privacy service iCloud Private Relay at no additional cost. All iCloud+ plans can be shared with people in the same Family Sharing group, so everyone can enjoy the new features, storage space and enhanced experience that comes with the service. Current iCloud storage subscribers are automatically upgraded to iCloud+ at no additional cost.

Spatial audio comes to the Mac through the M1 chip, providing a theater-like experience through AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. With dynamic head tracking, sound stays on the Mac even when the user moves their head.

Mail privacy protection prevents senders from knowing if an email has been opened and hides the IP address so senders can't know the user's location or use it to create a profile.
New accessibility features let anyone add alternative image descriptions directly from the marker, and improved full keyboard access and new cursor customization options provide greater flexibility when navigating the Mac.

macOS 12 Monterey Final and Beta Full Installer

This database will contain a download link to the macOS 12 full installer pkg file (InstallAssistant.pkg). This file is the same as the full installer for Intel and Apple Silicon M1 Mac computers that you download directly from the App Store. InstallAssistant.pkg is stored on Apple's servers and contains the complete "install". Once downloaded, all you need to do is install the pkg and the full installer for macOS will be located in your Applications folder. This change was made when Apple modified the full installer for Big Sur. InstallAssistant.pkg does not apply to Catalina or Mojave.

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macOS Monterey full installer download

macOS 12 Official Download Ver Build App Valid Date
InstallAssistant.pkg 12.2.0 21D49 17.2.02 Yes 1/26/22
InstallAssistant.pkg 12.1.0 21C52 17.1.04 Yes 12/13/21
InstallAssistant.pkg 12.0.1 21A559 17.0.07 Yes 10/25/21

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