[Android] Smart Bird v1.0.1 : Let Android phones also have Dynamic Island


Smart Bird is a function that imitates Apple's iOS Smart Island developed by himself. The size of the APP is only 1.6m. Since there are not many functions added in the initial stage of the software, there are only two common functions at present: the Smart Island can be displayed when the earphone is connected and when it is charging. , but it is only suitable for screens with holes in the middle, because the software only supports the adjustment of the upper and lower spacing, and cannot be adjusted left and right! Looking forward to the author to add more functions!

1. Modify the problem of mobile phone battery display
2. Modify the prompts for connecting headphones and add a custom name


android android smart bird v1 0 1 let android phones also have dynamic island


[Android] Smart Bird v1.0.1

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