AMD Radeon Graphics Drivers v 22.4.1 WHQL Release

Today, AMD released version 22.4.1 of its graphics driver, which adds support for the Unreal 5 engine and technology demos while fixing bugs in previous versions.

According to official information, the graphics driver adds optimization for the Unreal 5 engine "City Example" tech demo, which is based on the previous "Matrix" Unreal 5 demo and provides developers with 22 modular buildings, 13 vehicles and a group of people.

The tech demo and accompanying material package are compatible with the Unreal 5 engine and are only allowed to be used in the Unreal engine, and with this driver optimization, users with AMD hardware will have a better development experience.

In addition, this driver update also solves the visual artifacts and cursor misalignment that may have existed in previous games of Horizon: Zero Dawn, and fixes possible misalignment of performance indicators.

However, there are still some known issues with this driver.

For example, users with Win10 systems may find a lack of Windows Aero effects, while users with FreeSync monitors may find a missing 4K 120Hz display mode.

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