AMD Radeon Graphics Drivers v 22.3.1 WHQL Release

AMD officially released a new version of the graphics driver tonight, version number 22.3.1, still belongs to the Adrenalin adrenaline series, but this time the changes are very big.

First of all, the new driver supports AMD RSR, also known as Radeon Super Resolution technology, which can be simply understood as a streamlined version of FSR technology.

RSR uses the same spatial scaling algorithm as the initial FSR technology, but is directly integrated into the driver, and does not require separate optimization of the game, which provides close to native resolution image quality, as well as better performance, the only requirement is the need to run in full-screen mode.

On the hardware side, the RX 5000 and RX 6000 series graphics cards of the RDNA architecture family are supported.

Of course, FSR technology has been upgraded to the new version 2.0, which we will talk about separately later.

Another key point is the faster download speed.

AMD says that in the future, when upgrading a new version within the driver, only the necessary files will be downloaded and installed, a bit like Windows Update patching, so you can greatly reduce the amount of data downloaded and save time.

Elsewhere, RIS image sharpening technology now supports video playback, image quality enhancement for productivity software, which can be turned on with a single click, as well as improved Toast pop-up message notification, which gives a clearer screenshot display if a key feature is turned on or off when launching a game.

In terms of bug fixes, the new driver solves problems such as the disappearance of Windows 10 Aero transparency effects, the display of configuration errors on the performance adjustment pages of graphics cards such as the RX 6800 XT, and the long loading times when the RX 6800 and other graphics cards are turned on for mid- to high-grade light tracing to play "Extreme Racing: Forza Horizon 5".

AMD also took the opportunity to review the changes in the graphics driver over the past year, such as the first time to adapt more than 40 games, listed on the performance and stability optimization support.

Game performance compared to the end of 2020 version 20.12.2 an average increase of 15%, "Myst" even improved by up to 29%.

Also in the last year, AMD drivers have added or upgraded 22 important features.

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