AMD Radeon Graphics Drivers v 22.2.2 WHQL Release

AMD today released the Radeon 22.2.2 graphics driver, in addition to the first time to optimize support for "Total War: Warhammer III", but also on the SAM memory wise technology for a comprehensive upgrade, can bring up to 24% of the game performance improvement.

AMD SAM technology allows the processor to access the full graphics memory of the card (traditionally only 256MB can be accessed), thus eliminating the performance bottleneck between the two and speeding up the game frame rate, AMD Raider processors, AMD motherboards, AMD Radeon graphics cards with each other the best results, but in the Intel platform with AMD graphics cards can also be opened.

NVIDIA has also launched a similar technology, Resizable BAR, but the support hardware, games are relatively small, and the effect is slightly worse.

AMD's past propaganda, SAM brings the performance improvement only said 10% or more, and this time optimized seven games, at least 10%, the most is up to 24%.

Applicable hardware platforms are all Ryzen 5000H, RX 6000M composed of gaming notebooks, image quality settings are 1080p super premium, the object of comparison is the 22.2.1 version of the driver.

- Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Up to 24% on Riptide 9 5900HX, RX 6800M

- Battlefield 5 improves by up to 23% on the Rex 9 5800H, RX 6600M

- No Man's Sky 3 up to 18% improvement on Raron 9 5900HX, RX 6800M

- F1 2021 up to 17% improvement on Rex 7 5800H, RX 6600M

- Gears of War 5 up to 12% improvement on the Rex 7 5800H, RX 6600M

- Fortnite improves by up to 11% on the Rex 7 5800H, RX 6600M

- Cyberpunk 2077 up to 10% improvement on Raron 9 5900HX, RX 6800M

There are no bug fixes in this version of the driver.

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