Zuckerberg dislikes Apple! App Store control is strong and there is a conflict of interest

On Wednesday, local time in the United States, Zuckerberg expressed his dissatisfaction with Apple at a summit, arguing that Apple's App Store has a conflict of interest and deprives consumers of choice.

zuckerberg dislikes apple app store control is strong and there is a conflict of interest

In fact, this is not a unilateral expression of Zuckerberg's dissatisfaction. According to foreign media reports, Apple's CEO Tim Cook often criticizes Facebook, so Zuckerberg will naturally "fight back".

Zuckerberg said Apple's control over its own app store is too strong, because compared to Google, Apple is the only company that unilaterally controls what apps can be installed on its devices. Google, on the other hand, allows users to download apps for their Android phones in other channels. Zuckerberg believes that this practice of Apple makes the vast majority of profits go to Apple itself, which is not a good place for sustainable development.

Zuckerberg's reason for criticizing Apple, in fact, in addition to the objective aspects mentioned above, there are also factors that affect its own interests. Previously, Meta's online advertising business was hit hard because of the strict restrictions Apple introduced for third-party tracking behavior.

Apple's updated iOS privacy policy in 2021 makes it difficult for Facebook and other apps that rely on advertising to generate revenue to deliver precise ads to users. Apple's adjustments also caused Meta's revenue to decline for several consecutive quarters as the U.S. macroeconomic environment deteriorated. As a result, Meta's share price shrunk by two-thirds this year.

In fact, for the mechanism of Apple App Store, our domestic users often complain about it, such as the top-up content of some apps, Apple's are more expensive than those on Android. Because Apple will be on the top of the draw.

And for some niche third-party applications, it is difficult to install them without Apple's review. Although such a setup strengthens the protection for users, it also adds some inconvenience.

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