You can get the diablo 4 test qualification by manipulating fan tattoos in Blizzard

Many diablo fans want to get early access to diablo iv, and recently blizzard held a DiabloHellsInk event, inviting fans to participate in the event and get a diablo themed tattoo to gain early access to diablo iv.

The "Dark Hell Ink Printing" campaign kicked off on July 16 and ends on September 10 in cities across the United States, Britain, Germany and Australia. Tattoo artists will be on hand to give fans dark universe tattoos.

Fans will receive a card that includes an invitation to the Diablo iv Beta test, and blizzard will give away a digital copy of the game upon release.

The "Dark Hell Inks" event just took place in Los Angeles, the first stop, and already some players have posted their cards. If you can, check to see if the event will be held in your city.

Author: King
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