Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus officially retired: official announcement to stop after-sales service

Recently, Xiaomi officially updated the discontinued service product announcement, announcing that Xiaomi Mi Tablet 4 Plus has been added to the discontinued service list earlier this month.

According to the announcement, being added to the stop service list means that the product has been discontinued and the manufacturer is not supplying the spare parts needed for after-sales service, and the existing repair materials have exceeded the legal supply age.

This means that Xiaomi Aftermarket will no longer provide any repair and after-sales services for the Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus, but it can still enjoy services such as testing, debugging, cleaning and maintenance.

The Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus is a tablet launched by Xiaomi in August 2018 with a 10.1-inch screen, a Snapdragon 660 processor, up to 4GB of RAM + 128GB of storage, a 5MP front + 13MP rear camera, and a battery capacity of 8620mAh.

As of now, the entire Xiaomi Tablet 4 series has been included in the list of discontinued products, which means that the Xiaomi Tablet 5 series has become the only Xiaomi, being maintained tablet products.

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