Xiaomi SU7 Price Revealed: ¥215,900-299,900 for Three Models

Lei Jun finally announced the price of the Xiaomi SU7 last night.

There are three models on debut, priced at 215,900-299,900 yuan.

The order form was officially opened at 10pm last night, with a payment of 5,000 RMB to lock in the order, with the Standard and Max versions being delivered at the end of April, the Pro version at the end of May, and the Founding version pre-emptively opening for deliveries on April 3 (to help Xiaomi test the process of deliveries, etc.).

Xiaomi SU7 (rear-drive, long range, Smart Driver Edition): 215,900 RMB

100km acceleration 5.28s, CLTC range 700km, 73.6kWh Li-FePO4 blade battery, single-motor rear-wheel drive, 486v high-voltage platform, Xiaomi Surge Smart Cockpit.

Xiaomi Pilot Pro pure visual smart driving system.

Xiaomi SU7 Pro (Rear-drive, Extra Long Range, High-end Smart Driver Edition): 245,900 RMB

100km acceleration of 5.7s, CLTC range of 830km, 94.3kWh Nindele Times Shenxing battery, single motor rear drive, 486v high-voltage platform, Xiaomi Surge Smart Cockpit.

Add dual NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chips, Xiaomi Pilot Max vision + LIDAR smart driving system.

Xiaomi SU7 Max (dual-motor four-wheel drive, ultra-long range, high-class intelligent driving edition): 299,900 RMB

100km acceleration of 2.78s, CLTC range of 800km, 101kWh Ningde Times Kirin Li-ion ternary battery, dual-motor four-wheel drive, 871v high-voltage platform, Xiaomi Surge intelligent cockpit.

Add air suspension, four-speed adjustable electric tailgate, active wing support for the main driver's seat, 56-inch HUD, luxury audio with 25 speakers, Bridgestone Comfort tires, dual NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chips, Xiaomi Pilot Max vision + LIDAR Smart Driving System.

Xiaomi SU7 has a full range of sports car, fashion, luxury, classic four color schemes, the first 9 color schemes, as follows:

Sports car color: Gulf Blue, Lava Orange

Fashion color system: elegant gray, meteor blue, haze purple

Luxury colors: Olive Green, Cambrian Gray

Classic colors: Pearl White, Diamond Black

Four colorways are available, Galaxy Gray, Twilight Red, Misty Purple, and Obsidian Black, all inspired by nature, to match and achieve 36 combinations with the exterior color scheme.

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